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For those people who have relocated to the South Florida area from other countries if is often difficult to find places where they can enjoy the cuisine of their cultures. No matter where you were born, there is almost nothing better than eating the things that you so fondly remember from your childhood, whether it is a main dish, a sweet treat or a delicious beverage. Moises Bakery is the place to go for Venezualans who are “desperate” for their beloved foods. Gourmet Pleasures recently visited Moises’ Hallandale Beach location after a friend recommended it. Moises also has a location in Miami Beach at 73rd and Collins Avenue. Moises is a medium size simple place with several tables located both indoors and outside where you can comfortably sit. Their menu is large with baked goods including breads and sweets, empanadas of various types and fillings, cachapas, arepas and other typical Venezuelan dishes such as the Pabellón Criollo.

We started our food journey by ordering the traditional ham cakes which were served hot which is the tradition in Venezuela. Their soft dough was loaded with delicious ham inside. This is one of the best preparations of this dish we have ever tasted in South Florida. We followed this with the Cachapa with cheese. The dough was made with corn and had a sweet taste. To us this was a delicacy. You have various choices when you order the Venezuelian Arepas, such as meatloaf, black beans, cheese etc. At the suggestion of one of the restaurant’s employees. we tried the Pepiada Queen, which was a combination of chicken, avocado, some spices and mayonnaise. The dough was perfect and the filling exquisite. Then it was time to try the Golfeados, often nicknamed Venezuelan cheesy balls or sticky buns. For those of you unfamiliar with this sweet and salty treat, golfeados are soft rolls filled with panela or muscovado sugar, some cheese and a touch of anise seeds. Moises’ preparation of this iconic dish was superb. We also sampled their cheesecake, Tequenos and Berlin. Everything was extremely tasty. Some the of usual Venezuelan “goodies” that you can buy such as torontos, galak, susy, ovomaltina, samba and others are displayed on the counters, We would like to thank our friend Sabrina Ayala @sseaofcolors for “taking us by the hand” on this tour of Venezuelan cuisine. We will be returning soon to try many more of their dishes. Congratulations Moises @moisesbakeryhallandale on a job well done.


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